Recent Legislation

Dental Assisting bill passes in Senate and Assembly
June 21, 2006

This bill amends the definition of the practice of certified dental assisting to eliminate the list of duties, replacing it with an exclusionary statement prohibiting certain duties. It permits certified dental assistants to perform non-invasive, reversible supportive procedures for a dentist in his or her performance of dental services authorized under the dental practice act. It will enable dental assistants to better assist dentists by more fully utilizing their skills and training, thereby better serving the public’s needs for oral health care.


Physicians already utilize assistants in providing many treatment procedures, thereby enabling the physician to focus more on diagnosis, complex procedures and oversight. Many other states are years ahead of New York in allowing dentists to delegate “reversible” procedures to dental assistants.


Dental assistants are well trained and highly qualified. Current restrictions severely limit dentists' ability to practice as efficiently as they should. Increasing the duties of dental assistants will improve access to care.