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Credit Card Acceptance Program

Since 2004, thousands of dental practices have saved an average of 23% annually over their prior processor’s rates, all while enjoying personalized customer service. 

Proudly endorsed by the NYSDA and eleven other dental/medical associations, Best Card allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express –all in one deposit and on one statement.

DO THE MATH: Add up all of the fees on your statement and divide that number by the total credit card dollars processed (i.e. $225 ÷ $8,000 = 2.81%).  This is your true “effective rate” for credit card processing, and if this number is greater than 2.0%, you are probably paying too much.

Better yet:  Simply fax a processing statement to 866-717-7247; Best Card will send you a $5 gift card just for letting them prepare your detailed cost comparison.

Call the Best Card Team at 877-739-3952 for more information.