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The New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) applauds Governor Cuomo for his efforts to expand the Doctors Across New York program to include dentists and hygienists, which will greatly improve the oral health of patients in underserved areas.

NYSDA appreciates Governor Cuomo’s continued efforts to produce budgets with clarity and recognition of issues beyond just the bottom line. The budget demonstrates a clear understanding that good oral health is the foundation to good overall health of New Yorkers.

“One of my personal goals has been to expand the Doctors Across New York program to include dentists and dental hygienists,” said Dr. Chad Gehani, President of NYSDA.  “The Governor’s support of this important program will enable many more professionals to provide care in underserved areas and treat a segment of the population that suffers due to geographic and demographic isolation.”

The 2012 budget maintains and expands the primary care service corps loan repayment program, which is known as Doctors Across New York and will provide up to $150,000 in loan repayment (i.e., repayment of qualified educational debt) for a five-year service obligation in an underserved area. This program offers a powerful incentive for health professionals to move to areas typically underserved by the health care community.

NYSDA continues to be the leader on oral health issues in New York State. From implementing a mandatory postgraduate year of residency to requiring dentists to have AEDs in their offices, NYSDA’s efforts promote and improve oral health for the residents of New York State.

The New York State Dental Association, founded in 1868, is one of the largest constituents of the American Dental Association and represents more than 13,000 dentists practicing in New York State. More information can be found at