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Call for Nominations for Hallmarks of Excellence Award

The New York State Dental Association is inviting its components to submit nominations for the NYSDA Hallmarks of Excellence Award. The award recognizes exceptional membership and community service activities developed by local dental societies in the state of New York. The winner, selected by the NYSDA Council on Membership & Communications, receives $1,000. Entries are due September 30, 2012. Local districts must nominate their own programs in one of the following categories:

  • Membership Enhancement: Outreach programs coordinated by component districts that recruit or help retain existing members.
  • Education/information: Courses and publications that enhance membership and encourage an exchange of information among members.
  • Community Service: Programs that put a “public face” on dentistry by providing education and/or services at schools, health fairs, libraries and other community locations.
  • New Dentist Outreach: Initiatives that address the needs of dental students, residents and new dentists.
  • Legislative Achievement: Successful outreach, grassroots advocacy and coalition-building efforts with elected and public officials.

All nominations must be typed and include commentary and supporting documents covering the following areas:

  • Need for the program.
  • Program implementation details.
  • Groups/individuals involved in the program.
  • Budget.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and ROI measurement(s); how the program was innovative; obstacles faced; recommendations for improvements.

Send entries to NYSDA, Hallmarks of Excellence, 20 Corporate Woods Blvd., Suite 602, Albany, NY 12211. Entries are due September 30, 2012.

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