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Technology Applications Survey

The NYSDA Task Force on Technology Applications has developed a short survey to gauge members’ interest in information technology, and is asking members to complete the brief survey.

Please click here to access the survey

About the NYSDA Task Force on Technology Applications

NYSDA’s Task Force on Technology Applications recognizes the growing need for the professional association to focus on government initiatives promoting electronic health records, defining meaningful use applications, and forthcoming e-prescribing requirements and how these will affect dentists in the coming years.

By developing the Task Force, NYSDA is addressing the need to identify changes and help ensure that dentistry’s specific requirements and concerns are recognized by the industries now developing technological applications for medicine. NYSDA’s goal is to support its members as they confront changes on the horizon.  NYSDA is the only ADA constituent formally dedicating resources to this area.

Dr. Deborah Weisfuse, NYSDA President, and Judith Shub, NYSDA assistant executive director, serve as co-chairs of the seven-member Task Force. Each of the seven members, including a dental student from Stony Brook, brings complementary interests and skills enabling the Task Force to focus on current issues relating to electronic health records and the use of electronic communication networks for the meaningful use of patient health information. Dr. Weisfuse expects to add additional Task Force members as more projects are introduced.

In 2013, the Task Force will concentrate on:

  • I-STOP Compliance: Assuring that appropriate software, compliant with NYS requirements, for its I-STOP legislation is available to dentists.
  • Education and Training: Providing educational opportunities for dentists about electronic health records and e-prescribing.
  • Identifying Sources of Implementation Funding: Identifying and promoting incentives and funding sources to facilitate the use of electronic patient records in dental offices.

Task Force Continuing Education Offering

Dr. Salvatore Volpe, physician and past president of the NYS-HIMSS, Dr. David Schirmer and Dr. Richard Speisman will be presenting the first continuing education offering of the Task Force. The online course entitled, “Technological Applications for Dentistry 1: Introduction to Electronic Communications”, consists of three lectures covering:

  • Electronic health records and meaningful use
  • E-prescribing
  • Use of the cloud to facilitate case management between general dentists and specialists

The course is available at