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Dentists Who Treat Medicaid Patients Eligible for Incentive Funding

Dentists who treat Medicaid patients in New York City and throughout New York State can take advantage of a program to provide incentive funding for adopting electronic patient records.

Dentists who provide treatment to Medicaid recipients and can demonstrate 30% of visits billed to Medicaid over any 90-day period may be eligible for this incentive funding. Dentists are encouraged to enroll in the Medicaid Incentive Program. NYeC offers free assistance to dentists in determining eligibility and completing the application process.

This program will help dentists qualify for up to $63,750 under the Medicaid Incentive Program for the adoption, implementation and upgrade of a certified electronic health record (EHR) and attestation of Meaningful Use Stage 1.

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) is assisting dentists in qualifying to receive funding to adopt electronic patient health records. Dentists practicing in the 5 boroughs of in New York City can participate through a comparable grant program available through the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s NYCReach program.

NYeC is the state-designated entity to help healthcare providers adopt EHRs and attain meaningful Use. To date, NYeC has helped over 5,000 healthcare providers across New York State adopt and implement an EHR system, while assisting over 65% of those providers to attain Meaningful Use Stage 1. NYeC and NYCReach  are partnering with NYSDA to inform dentists throughout New York about the benefits of electronic patient records and the availability of financial incentive grants.


 Dentists are eligible for the Medicaid Specialist Program if they:

  •  Are enrolled as an active fee-for-service Medicaid provider
  • Are in good standing with New York State
  • Billable and payable by Medicaid
  • Meet the 30% of patient visit volume as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Learn more about the Medicaid volume threshold:

 Technical Assistance Available for Dentists

 Through this incentive grant, NYeC and NYCReach experts will provide technical assistance to dentists to help them qualify and apply for the available incentive funding at no cost. Technical assistance is available in the following areas:

  •  Adoption/Implementation/Upgrade

 The grant program enables NYeC and NYCReach to provide technical assistance to dentists to help them qualify through the selection and implementation or upgrade of a certified electronic health record (EHR) software system with health information exchange (HIE) capabilities.

  •  Support Services

Personnel are available to assist dentists in workflow analysis and redesign, project management and staff training to help practices implement electronic patient records seamlessly.

  •  Privacy and Security

Technical assistance can be provided to ensure HIPAA compliance, security and risk analysis.

  •  Connectivity

Dentists can obtain assistance in establishing effective mechanisms to share health information from electronic health records with other health care professionals to enhance the effectiveness of their patients’ healthcare.

Program Phases

NYeC and NYCReach will certify milestone achievement per eligible provider. They will assist providers in producing supporting documentation to demonstrate achievement of each of the three program phases:

1.      Provider/practice site agreement

2.      Successful adoption/implementation/upgrade of certified electronic health record

3.      Attestation of having met CMS (Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) criteria for “Meaningful Use Stage 1”.

Enrollment Contact Information

NYeC has contracted with Strategic Interests, LLC, as an Implementation Agent dedicated to support dentists applying for the EHR incentives.


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