Dental Services


MIDTOWN & WESTCHESTER LABS: Full-service lab with 2 locations: 40th Street and Westchester. Send patients to lab for custom shades and repairs. EMax, BruxZir, implants, flippers and repairs. Great prices, and we are nice!  Call (212) 951-7325. for 50% off first crown. 

KODAK & CARESTREAM INTRAORAL X-RAY SENSOR REPAIR: We specialize in repairing Kodak & Carestream RVG 5100 & 6100 dental X-Ray sensors. Repair and save thousands over replacement cost. Visit: Call (919) 924-8559.  

2015 OSHA Compliance and Training Manual for Dentists: Updated manual, plus Documentation Kit (for record keeping). Audio OSHA Training CD for Employees, OSHA Test, CDC guidelines, OSHA Q&As.  Visit: to order; or call (832) 279-3566.