A Tradition of Caring

NYSDA is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of dental care for the people of New York State and sponsors award-winning dental health programs for the public.

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The New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) has been the voice for the dental profession in New York State since its founding in 1868. With 14,000 members, NYSDA is one of the largest state constituents of the American Dental Association.

NYSDA provides its members with a powerful presence in the Legislature, business development programs, peer review, a clinical journal and educational and scientific programs that promote the art and science of dentistry.

Members of organized dentistry in New York State belong to a tripartite association that includes NYSDA, a local component society and the American Dental Association.

NYSDA is headquartered in a modern office building on the sixth floor of 20 Corporate Woods Boulevard in Albany, New York. Its staff of 20 develops and carries out programs for the profession and the public and responds to member inquiries.

NYSDA Departments

Office of the Executive Director Legal Affairs
Finance and Administration
Health Affairs-Dental benefits/Medicaid
Public Relations
Membership-records Membership-information
The New York State Dental Journal: Editorial, Advertising