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September 14, 2017 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

NYSDA Risk Management

Title:   NYSDA Risk Management
Sponsor:   Fifth District Dental Society |
Presenter:   Frederick Wetzel, DDS and John VanDenburgh, JD
Date:   Sep 14, 2017
Time:   5 – 9 pm
Location:   ONCENTER, Syracuse, NY
Credits:   4

Course Description: NYSDA Risk Management
   1. Do you know how long you are obligated to store patient records?
   2. What information needs to be included in a medical history?
   3. How to legally terminate a professional relationship with a patient?
Answers to these and many other sometimes thorny legal questions are provided in the NYSDA Risk Management VII course.
•   A certificate will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the seminar.
•   Dentists who complete this course will be entitled 10% discount on their liability premiums for a three year period from the Fortress Insurance Company and Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company. Other insurance companies may also accept this course for a discount. Please check with your carrier.

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