Resident and Graduate Reduced Dues Program

Residents & Graduate Students

Take advantage of reduced membership dues for residents and recent graduates, and maintain your eligibility to participate in NYSDA’s five-year reduced dues program upon completion of your residency or graduate training.

Dues for residents/graduate students are $30 for the ADA and $0 for NYSDA. Residents and graduate students can join the ADA, NYSDA and a local dental society in any combination they choose. However, in order to maintain eligibility for the ADA’s three-year and NYSDA’s five-year reduced dues program, you must maintain your ADA membership throughout your residency or graduate training program.

As a resident member of NYSDA you will enjoy all of the benefits of membership, including a free subscription to The New York State Dental Journal. An annual subscription to The Journal costs nonmembers more than $50.

Maintain your ADA membership while in your graduate training program, and you will save hundreds of dollars as a practicing dentist.

Graduate Student / Resident Membership Application

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  • NYSDA initiated legislation relating to limited permits for students and residents is signed into law.
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