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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find answers to our frequently asked questions. For further information, contact NYSDA.

Why should I join organized dentistry?

There are many tangible and intangible benefits to being a member of your professional association. The New York State Dental Association is able to partner with the American Dental Association and your local component societies to offer our members:

  • Reviewed for you: Product and service discounts
  • High quality scientific publications and resources
  • Continuing education courses and official credit hour tracking
  • Collective voice to advocate in government, protecting dentists and the profession
  • Advancing standards of care and practice

Without organized dentistry, the profession has no voice to protect itself and advance. Being an NYSDA member means you represent the highest caliber in ethics, patient care and knowledge. To you, dentistry is more than making a living. It is a passion.

How can I pay my annual membership dues?

Members can pay their membership dues by mail or online. Members will receive an annual dues bill, usually in November, for membership in the upcoming year. Simply return the detachable portion of your paper bill with your preferred method of payment, or sign in online to renew. NYSDA staff members are only a phone call away and they’re happy to assist with your dues questions.

When are my membership fees due?

Membership fees are billed annually and are due on or before January 1st.

Who is eligible to become a member?

All licensed dentists in New York are invited to apply for NYSDA membership. All American Student Dental Association members attending dental school in New York State are also eligible for Student or Resident membership!

How can I advertise online and/or in print?

Those seeking to advertise in the NYSDA classifieds online and/or in print in the NYSDA news or New York State Dental Journal should review our advertising guidelines. Contact Jeanne Deguire for more information or to submit an advertisement.

How do I submit a manuscript for consideration by the New York State Dental Journal?

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript for review, please review our Author Guidelines. Follow the provided directions and contact the editor if you have any questions. All submissions will be acknowledged (expect up to a month delay before learning whether your submission has been accepted for publication).

How long do I have to keep patient records?

Dentists must maintain a patient record for a minimum of six years for adults. For minors, dentists must maintain the record until the minor’s 22nd birthday, or six years, whichever is longer.

What do I do with patient records when I retire?

A retired dentist is still a licensed dentist, and retains the obligation to maintain patient records for the required time periods set in the law. The dentist must also maintain the confidentiality of these records. A dentist can sell the records to another dentist licensed in New York, but the dentist must notify patients of that transfer. For risk management purposes, dentists should retain copies of these records for legal purposes, in case they are ever needed. When selling records, a dentist should consult an attorney to correctly carry out the sale transaction.