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Government Affairs

The New York State Dental Association continually strives to improve the climate for practicing dentistry in New York, and we have a major voice with all branches and levels of state government. NYSDA members are integral in representing the interests of dentists in New York.

NYSDA is one of the few professional associations that draft their own legislation and supporting memoranda in-house. This major advantage allows us to work with legislators to introduce a bill on NYSDA’s behalf. Doing so effectively expedites the legislative process and enables close cooperation between the association and legislators.

Every year, the American Dental Association and NYSDA fight harmful legislation to protect dentists and their patients. By representing the majority of dentists in this state, NYSDA has a powerful voice that is heard by politicians in both Albany and Washington, D.C.

The NYSDA Board of Trustees and House of Delegates work together to elect a position on important issues. They are informed by a variety of NYSDA councils that have subject matter expertise. The NYSDA Council on Government Affairs then executes these policies in the political/regulatory arena.

Dentists take an active roll in Government Affairs by contacting our NYSDA Government Affairs program directly. We provide updates on a variety of legislative issues in New York, and members can also ask their local NYSDA Trustee or council members to raise concerns about policies and legislation.

Get involved! Start a conversation at your local dental association/society meetings, or share your thoughts and concerns with the Government Affairs Department. Our goal is to advocate for our members, advance the profession in the public eye and improve dental services for patients.

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