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NYSDA Membership for Licensed Dentists

The New York State Dental Association has a rich history of representing the dental profession in New York State for more than 140 years. All dentists licensed to practice in New York are invited to join NYSDA and gain the benefits of membership through the American Dental Association (ADA), NYSDA and the local component societies.

Year after year, NYSDA brings members value at every stage in their careers. Many of our members have been involved in organized dentistry for 20 years, 30 years or more. It is common to hear that our members are perceived as more informed, ethical and up-to-date on the latest dentistry and oral health technologies. It is clear that most patients prefer member-dentists.

Membership Benefits

As the state-level constituent of the ADA, NYSDA is able to partner on initiatives that advance the dental profession. These partnerships deliver:

  • Legislative representation on national issues
  • Support of scientific and dental research
  • Dental programming, meetings and professional education

At home in New York, our member support is unmatched. With a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, our members rely on NYSDA for a wealth of information - including the latest in compliance, legislation and technology. NYSDA connects members to important information and finds answers to the difficult questions in the practice of dentistry.

NYSDA members find tremendous value in their membership through services like:

  • Contract Analysis
  • Practice Management support
  • Continuing Education Registry
  • Legal Services and Protection
  • Promotion in Find-A-Dentist
  • Volunteer and Networking Events

These are just a few of the many reasons members feel that NYSDA membership is a crucial career investment!

How Membership Works

Membership in the New York State Dental Association is open to any dentist licensed to practice in New York. Membership dues are billed annually and include membership in the American Dental Association, NYSDA and your local component dental society. These memberships are not available a la carte, but instead are structured to deliver the best possible value and experience for members.

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