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NYDSA Membership for Students & Residents

As dental students and residents, you are the future of the profession. The dental industry is diverse and rapidly changing. The New York State Dental Association believes that engaging with its youngest and newest members is fundamental to future advancement in dentistry.

During your time in school, students have the opportunity to join the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). All ASDA members in New York State are automatically members of the NYSDA. Being connected in this way opens up a powerful network for students to take advantage of during these critical early years.

Residents or Graduate Students have the opportunity to maintain membership, past ASDA, during their time at an ADA accredited residency or advanced education program (of not less than one academic year's duration). As NYSDA members, you'll take advantage of every ADA and NYSDA benefit at only $30 per year.

NYSDA supports new dentists with programming such as:

  • Reduced Dues
  • Student Loan Refinancing
  • Annual New Dentist Conference
  • Networking and Social events, statewide.
  • Insurance products, practice management advice and contract analysis.

Student delegates from each New York dental school meet with the NYSDA Membership and NYSDA New Dentist councils annually. These meetings give students the floor to discuss the issues important to you, while also providing an introduction to organized dentistry.

Soon, you'll finish your residency and you might need help finding a job. Find an associateship or advertise your working availability on the NYSDA statewide classifieds page. Students and residents also receive subscriptions to the New York State Dental Journal – an internationally recognized scientific publication, also featuring print classifieds.

Beyond School - Membership Details

Student and resident members that maintain their membership with NYSDA will become eligible for reduced/graduated dues for their first five years in practice. This translates to nearly $900 in savings on ADA and NYSDA dues in the first year alone!

Be sure to renew your membership annually, regardless of which state you end up calling home. You'll maintain your American Dental Association membership and your new state dental association is always happy to help you get started!

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